the message

When you find the notebook (EGB) don’t rush to write anything as you can keep it with you for a while. Always remember that the “implicit” question behind the whole project is: how is your stay on this Earth going?

You are not limited to just writing. You can also draw, add stamps and stickers, just as you used to do at school with your diary.

Please don’t be selfish, we ask for just one message per person!

the release

When the time comes to release the EGB, look for a suitable place. If possible, imagine who wander past that place and pick up the EGB after you.

If the EGB were lost or thrown away the game would be over. We kindly ask you to try and avoid that from happening 🙂.

the picture

The time has come to let the EGB go on its way, but don’t forget the photo! It is a fundamental step of the project.

Frame the EGB and the surrounding environment well and avoid including other people in the picture. When it comes to you, it’s a different story, if you want to take a selfie with the notebook, you are free to do so!

We also like stories… a lot! So, please go ahead!

Send everything via DM to @earthguestbook for publication. And don’t forget to share it too! 🙂

NOTE: In the internal side of the back cover you can read some information about the EGB: the city (ISO 3166-2) of first release, the number of EGB and his specific hashtag on Instagram.

the map

The map can be found on the website here . You can check where all the 10 notebooks of the project are located at any time. Don’t lose sight of them!