how it works

What can I do with this notebook (EGB)?

You have 2 options:

if you’re not interested at all, just ignore it.


if you like the idea behind this project, follow the steps below to be a part of it!

#1 – browse it, read it, take it with you. You are a welcome guest on this Earth: let us know how your stay is going. If you like, enrich your comment with photos, drawings, stickers or… anything else!

#2release it as far away as possible from where you found it for the next guest

#3take a photo of the EGB where you want to release it (try to include a clue that helps to recognize the place)

#4send your photo (or even a story) via DM to @earthguestbook indicating:

  • where you found it (i.e.: near The Eiffel Tower in Paris)
  • where you released it
  • the specific EGB’s hashtag (you can find in the internal side of the back cover)
  • your name or reference to use as a tag in the photo (optional)

#5 – hey! I shouldn’t even have to say this: share it, please!

NOTE: If the EGB is full, contact us via DM so we can organize its retirement.

What will happen next?

When all the EGBs (or at least the surviving ones) will be collected, we will put them together in a book. This will be a unique piece of art, a “photograph” of the world seen through the eyes of the people who live on this planet and are part of it.